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What does Fairtrade mean:

Fairnando and Fairnando Bio:


In 1992, the non-profit organization TransFair began to support economically disadvantaged families of producers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The producers are being guaranteed a fair price for their products.

TransFair itself does not trade goods, but rather assigns its seal to products that are dealt fairly.

T.Port sealed a license contract with TransFair in 1998. Since then, the brands Fairnando and Fairnando Bio are being imported at a fixed price.

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Fairnando is a banana labeled with the TransFair seal.

For the producer, this means that he achieves a sales price significantly higher than the prices on the world market by trading his product directly, independent of local consumer prices. The producers themselves get to decide how to use the net proceeds reached through Fair Trade, complying with the criteria set by Fair Trade.

Apart from assuring that production costs are covered and that the absolute minimum income is secured, Fair Trade allows for investments into a sustainable future.

Fairnando Bio is additionally labeled with the Bio seal for organic bananas. It is subject to strict controls and has to fulfill the requirements of organic farming. The Fairnando Bio banana combines both valuable aspects, the fair trade and the healthy organic quality.